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Laser Tag Strategy 101 Part 1

Alright, so there’s an upcoming laser tag party with your pals, and you’ve made big bets, or someone just won’t stop bragging about their L33t Sk1llz. No matter the reason, you’ve gotta take them down.

Well you’ve come to the right place. We’re gonna break down into 3 simple steps how to break their inflated ego. For the sake of our dear friends who cannot read beyond 140 characters (Twits for short), today we’ll explore only pregame strategy.

Part 1: Pregame Preparation 1. Attire Colour To shoot someone, you’ll have to see them first. Wearing bright pink is the surest way to ensure you’re first to die in every game. Wear clothes that will blend with the background, or black shirts for night games. Added bonus if you can allocate team colors and make your opponents the “Lime Green Dream Team”. Their hubris will be their downfall.

2. Running Shoes and Long Pants or Running Tights Nothing is easier to shoot than a lame duck slapping around in his slippers, bonus points if its the ‘Piak Piak’ kind that announces their presence on hard ground. Why long pants instead of shorts you say? Won’t that make you hot and slow you down? Laser Tag consists of short sprints from cover to cover. You ain’t playing ultimate frisbee here. When kneeling or drop to the ground to save your ass, checking the ground for dirt is the last thing you need to think about.

3. Overeating No, not the diet kind. The stuffing your face before a game kind. It will get intense and you will move ALOT. I know the buffet at your laser tag team building session or company cohesion looks good, but exercise some self control please.

If you’re still with us, great job soldier! Keep these simple tips in mind and you’re 1/3 on the journey to lasertag mastery. Next time, we will explore Part 2: In Game Actions


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