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  • I have less than 8 players, can I make a booking?
    Sure! We will still be able to conduct your event for you as long as you are able to make the min 12 pax worth of payment so we can cover setup costs! Do note that all our events are private by default, thus we won’t merge you with another party unless directly requested by both groups.
  • Whats your maximum capacity?
    We’ve conducted private events for up to 240 pax and held carnivals for up to 1000 players. So if you have the budget, the sky’s the limit. =)
  • Whats the youngest and oldest age? Can pregnant women join?
    Our Guns are designed to cater to all ages, thus weighing at only 1.3kg, our recommended age will be from 8 – 60 yrs! Lasertag focuses less on atheletic ability and more on teamwork and positioning, so being fit is not neccessarily an advantage. However although lasertag isn’t a contact sport, collisions sometimes do happen, thus expectant mothers past their first trimester are not encouraged to join for safety reasons!
  • What if they shine at your eyes? Are the lasers safe?
    Yes the lasers are certified within Class 1 Category, which are within NEA Regulations on the safety requirements for laser and IR devices. Its pretty much the same as shooting yourself with your TV remote, so unless you’re secretly a TV, you’ll be fine!
  • What happens if it rains when we're outdoors?
    Our equipment actually works fine in the rain. =) However if the players are not waterproof, our Standard Operating Procedure in the event of rain during gameplay will be to seek shelter until the rain subsides, and resume accordingly. We will extend game time by a maximum of 30 mins to make up for the rain! Alternatively, if you wish to postpone the event to another date, do let us know 1 day prior to the event starting, and we will book another date for you with no additional cost.
  • I would like to plan a surprise or make my own rules, is that possible?
    Sure! We’re always keen make each event a memorable one, so give us your ideas and we’ll do our best!
  • Any Discounts for 20 Pax and above?
    Yes we do offer bulk discounts, do let us know your number of pax and we will discount accordingly for you!

Still Need Help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write to us at or call us on +65 90031177

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